The Global Financial Crisis of 2008

Bryce McBride
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These 4 lessons (with relevant questions and teachers' notes) from the book "Economics for Canadians" look at the ongoing global financial crisis. The four lessons are entitled "Essentials and Prologue", "The Years of Confidence", "Enter Fraud", and "Going Forward". I would recommend them for use with senior economics or world issues classes.
I have made the price "$0+" to encourage people to look at the resource. If after looking at the resource people decide to use it with their students I would ask that they consider making a small donation of perhaps $1 per copy. If you would like to make the document available to your students on a server, I would ask that you do so on a server available only to your student population, and not the wider web.

To learn more about the book "Economics for Canadians" I would invite you to go to

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The four lessons covering the ongoing Global Financial Crisis from the recently revised edition of "Economics for Canadians" together with the associated answer key and resource links from the teachers' guide.


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